Aymeric Montouchet

10 years in film and advertising in Los Angeles.

7 years in Narrative Video Games in France.


Award winning Director of Photography.

International background: France, Germany, UK, USA, Hong Kong, Japan. Happy to relocate.

Multi-cultural, bilingual.

Passionate about visual perception, light, aesthetics, design, marketing and communication.

US: +1 (424) 703 4630

France: +33 6 24 18 28 31


Films, commercials, shorts, music videos.

Available worldwide.

Born in the Franco-Swiss region, I spent 10 years in France, followed by 8 years in East Asia, with French-English bilingual schooling.

I then moved to Los Angeles for an undergraduate and graduate education paralleling business and art (MBA, Master in Film Production), followed by a 10-year career in film and TV advertising, which sharpened my creativity and business equilibrium.

I moved back to France to join one of the top AAA Video Game developers, and work on Detroit: Become Human, the company’s most successful interactive drama to date, as well as the newly announced Star Wars Eclipse game currently in development.

Equipped with a trained detailed eye and a strong visual sensibility, I have in depth knowledge of cinematography and multimedia production workflows.

World traveler and dual citizen, I love experiencing different cultures.

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